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WebIf you reference a binary value in a file using the fileb:// prefix notation, the AWS CLI always expects the file to contain raw binary content and does not attempt to convert the value. If you reference a binary value in a file using the file:// prefix notation, the AWS CLI handles the file according to the current cli_binary_format setting WebIt is strongly recommended to set secret authorization token using --rpc-secret option. See also --rpc-listen-port option. Default: is a key to manage each download. Each download will be assigned a unique GID. The GID is stored as bit binary value in aria2. For RPC access, it is represented as a hex string of 16 characters (e.g WebCompose specification. The Compose file is a YAML file defining services, networks, and volumes for a Docker application. The latest and recommended version of the Compose file format is defined by the Compose Compose spec merges the legacy 2.x and 3.x versions, aggregating properties across these formats and is implemented by Web05/12/ · A container image represents binary data that encapsulates an application and all its software dependencies. Container images are executable software bundles that can run standalone and that make very well defined assumptions about their runtime environment. You typically create a container image of your application and push it to a WebPresidential politics and political news from News about political parties, political campaigns, world and international politics, politics news headlines plus in-depth features and ... read more

The format is the same format the Linux kernel specifies in the Control Groups Device Whitelist Controller. dns defines custom DNS servers to set on the container network interface configuration. Can be a single value or a list. conf file on Linux. dns defines custom DNS search domains to set on container network interface configuration. domainname declares a custom domain name to use for the service container. MUST be a valid RFC hostname.

entrypoint overrides the default entrypoint for the Docker image i. The entrypoint can also be a list, in a manner similar to Dockerfile :. The files in the list MUST be processed from the top down.

For the same variable specified in two env files, the value from the last file in the list MUST stand. Environment variables declared in the environment section MUST override these values — this holds true even if those values are empty or undefined.

Lines beginning with MUST be ignored. Blank lines MUST also be ignored. The value of VAL is used as a raw string and not modified at all. If the value is surrounded by quotes as is often the case for shell variables , the quotes MUST be included in the value passed to containers created by the Compose implementation.

VAL MAY be omitted, in such cases the variable value is empty string. environment defines environment variables set in the container. environment can use either an array or a map. Any boolean values; true, false, yes, no, SHOULD be enclosed in quotes to ensure they are not converted to True or False by the YAML parser.

Environment variables MAY be declared by a single key no value to equals sign. In such a case Compose implementations SHOULD rely on some user interaction to resolve the value. If they do not, the variable is unset and will be removed from the service container environment. expose defines the ports that Compose implementations MUST expose from container. These ports MUST be accessible to linked services and SHOULD NOT be published to the host machine.

Only the internal container ports can be specified. Extend another service, in the current file or another, optionally overriding configuration. You can use extends on any service together with other configuration keys.

The extends value MUST be a mapping defined with a required service and an optional file key. If supported Compose implementations MUST process extends in the following way:. Service denoted by service MUST be present in the identified referenced Compose file. Compose implementations MUST return an error if:.

Two service definitions main one in the current Compose file and referenced one specified by extends MUST be merged in the following way:. The following keys should be treated as mappings: build.

args , build. labels , build. labels , deploy. limits , environment , healthcheck , labels , logging. One exception that applies to healthcheck is that main mapping cannot specify disable: true unless referenced mapping also specifies disable: true. Compose implementations MUST return an error in this case. Produces the following configuration for the cli service. The same output is produced if array syntax is used.

Note that mounted path now points to the new volume name and ro flag was applied. If referenced service definition contains extends mapping, the items under it are simply copied into the new merged definition. Merging process is then kicked off again until no extends keys are remaining.

Here, cli services gets user key from common service, which in turn gets this key from base service. constraints , deploy.

preferences , deploy. Any duplicates resulting from the merge are removed so that the sequence only contains unique elements. Unlike sequence fields mentioned above, duplicates resulting from the merge are not removed.

An alias of the form SERVICE:ALIAS can be specified. Values MUST set hostname and IP address for additional hosts in the form of HOSTNAME:IP. An example of where this is useful is when multiple containers running as different users need to all read or write the same file on a shared volume. test defines the command the Compose implementation will run to check container health. It can be either a string or a list.

Both forms below are equivalent:. NONE disable the healthcheck, and is mostly useful to disable Healthcheck set by image. Alternatively the healthcheck set by the image can be disabled by setting disable: true :.

hostname declares a custom host name to use for the service container. image specifies the image to start the container from. Compose implementations with build support MAY offer alternative options for the end user to control precedence of pull over building the image from source, however pulling the image MUST be the default behavior. image MAY be omitted from a Compose file as long as a build section is declared.

Compose implementations without build support MUST fail when image is missing from the Compose file. init run an init process PID 1 inside the container that forwards signals and reaps processes.

Set this option to true to enable this feature for the service. ipc configures the IPC isolation mode set by service container. Available values are platform specific, but Compose specification defines specific values which MUST be implemented as described if supported:.

Supported values are platform-specific. labels add metadata to containers. You can use either an array or a map. The com. compose label prefix is reserved. Specifying labels with this prefix in the Compose file MUST result in a runtime error. links defines a network link to containers in another service. Either specify both the service name and a link alias SERVICE:ALIAS , or just the service name. Containers for the linked service MUST be reachable at a hostname identical to the alias, or the service name if no alias was specified.

If services do declare networks they are attached to, links SHOULD NOT override the network configuration and services not attached to a shared network SHOULD NOT be able to communicate.

Compose implementations MAY NOT warn the user about this configuration mismatch. logging defines the logging configuration for the service. The default and available values are platform specific. Driver specific options can be set with options as key-value pairs. This is a modifier attribute that only has meaning if memory is also set. Using swap allows the container to write excess memory requirements to disk when the container has exhausted all the memory that is available to it.

There is a performance penalty for applications that swap memory to disk often. Available values are platform specific, but Compose specification define specific values which MUST be implemented as described if supported:. networks defines the networks that service containers are attached to, referencing entries under the top-level networks key. aliases declares alternative hostnames for this service on the network.

Since aliases are network-scoped, the same service can have different aliases on different networks. Note : A network-wide alias can be shared by multiple containers, and even by multiple services. If it is, then exactly which container the name resolves to is not guaranteed. In the example below, service frontend will be able to reach the backend service at the hostname backend or database on the back-tier network, and service monitoring will be able to reach same backend service at db or mysql on the admin network.

The corresponding network configuration in the top-level networks section MUST have an ipam block with subnet configurations covering each static address. Link-local IPs are special IPs which belong to a well known subnet and are purely managed by the operator, usually dependent on the architecture where they are deployed.

Implementation is Platform specific. If unspecified, the default value is 0. Value MUST be within [,] range. pid sets the PID mode for container created by the Compose implementation. Supported values are platform specific. Set to -1 for unlimited PIDs. Exposes container ports. The short syntax is a colon-separated string to set host IP, host port and container port in the form:. Host IP, if not set, MUST bind to all network interfaces.

Port can be either a single value or a range. Host and container MUST use equivalent ranges. Either specify both ports HOST:CONTAINER , or just the container port. In the latter case, the Compose implementation SHOULD automatically allocate any unassigned host port. HOST:CONTAINER SHOULD always be specified as a quoted string, to avoid conflicts with yaml base float. Note : Host IP mapping MAY not be supported on the platform, in such case Compose implementations SHOULD reject the Compose file and MUST inform the user they will ignore the specified host IP.

privileged configures the service container to run with elevated privileges. Support and actual impacts are platform-specific. profiles defines a list of named profiles for the service to be enabled under.

When not set, service is always enabled. Possible values are:. Compose implementations MAY override this behavior in the toolchain. restart defines the policy that the platform will apply on container termination.

The value of runtime is specific to implementation. scale specifies the default number of containers to deploy for this service. secrets grants access to sensitive data defined by secrets on a per-service basis. Two different syntax variants are supported: the short syntax and the long syntax. The short syntax variant only specifies the secret name. The source name and destination mountpoint are both set to the secret name. The following example uses the short syntax to grant the frontend service access to the server-certificate secret.

The value of server-certificate is set to the contents of the file. The following example sets the name of the server-certificate secret file to server. cert within the container, sets the mode to group-readable and sets the user and group to The value of server-certificate secret is provided by the platform through a lookup and the secret lifecycle is not directly managed by the Compose implementation.

Services MAY be granted access to multiple secrets. Long and short syntax for secrets MAY be used in the same Compose file. Defining a secret in the top-level secrets MUST NOT imply granting any service access to it. Such grant must be explicit within service specification as secrets service element. Specified as a byte value. Specified as a duration.

If unset containers are stopped by the Compose Implementation by sending SIGTERM. sysctls defines kernel parameters to set in the container.

sysctls can use either an array or a map. You can only use sysctls that are namespaced in the kernel. 能修改输出js运行当中的一些变量的值能下断点批量监听一些变量值当渲染时,样式发生改变,会触发DOM断点它一般在 用户触发了某个事件 时,段下来。执行的比较考前,距离加密函数比较远。所以无法根据栈去快速定位。它的优点时定位的比较准。清空Dom断点最后的最后由本人水平所限,难免有错误以及不足之处, 屏幕前的靓仔靓女们 如有发现,恳请指出!你轻轻地点了个赞,那将在我的心里世界增添一颗明亮而耀眼的星!.

通过本地运行js代码那 实现脱离浏览器后 能够实现和浏览器上运行加密js的效果。网站上完全都是JavaScript实现的加密,我们的目的要知道加密的整个过程,并且实现这个加密的过程,拿到和浏览器一样的加密的结果。得到加密的结果之后就可以跳过浏览器,本地直接给服务器发送加密数据,从而直接获取服务器响应的结果。. 页面中有很多事件,比如说鼠标按下,滚动条滑动。最后的最后由本人水平所限,难免有错误以及不足之处, 屏幕前的靓仔靓女们 如有发现,恳请指出!你轻轻地点了个赞,那将在我的心里世界增添一颗明亮而耀眼的星!. 日常的web自动化过程中,我们常常用python selenium库来操纵Chrome浏览器实现网页的自动化。这其中有个比较头疼的问题:Chrome的更新频率非常频繁,与之对应的Chromedriver版本也必须相应更新。如果两者版本的主版本号相差超过1,selenium则会报异常. 如何在实体手机上,保证手机能够正常运行uiautomator2,并安装ATX-agent。以小米手机为例子,首先打开 设置-更多设置-开启开发者模式。如果初始化完成后,发现手机并没有安装ATXagent应用。说明设备未认证(unauthorized),此时,当你看到这个,就说明手机安装成功了环境。需要记得,将 USB安装 勾选上。.

TA创建的收藏夹 TA关注的收藏夹. RGB颜色,例如: AFAFAF. 预览 取消 提交. 上一步 保存. 博客 资源 收藏 关注. 只看原创 排序: 按最后发布时间 按访问量 RSS订阅. 原创 Python量化交易实战教程汇总 B站配套视频教程观看设计适合自己并能适应市场的交易策略,才是量化交易的灵魂课程亲手带你设计并实现两种交易策略,快速培养你的策略思维能力择时策略:通过这个策略学会如何利用均线,创建择时策略,优化股票买入卖出的时间点。选股策略:掌握选股策略的核心逻辑,并基于收益率创建动量选股策略,并验证其有效性。手把手带你打造一个易扩展、更安全、效率更高的量化交易系统第三方平台大而全,不易扩展,效率还差,信息安全也是大问题,打造自己的交易平台才是更优解所有文章目录Python量化交易实战双均线策略股 原创 Js逆向教程AST Babel插件最简单修改值示例 最后的最后由本人水平所限,难免有错误以及不足之处, 屏幕前的靓仔靓女们 如有发现,恳请指出!你轻轻地点了个赞,那将在我的心里世界增添一颗明亮而耀眼的星! 原创 Js逆向教程vscode无环境联调 最后的最后由本人水平所限,难免有错误以及不足之处, 屏幕前的靓仔靓女们 如有发现,恳请指出!你轻轻地点了个赞,那将在我的心里世界增添一颗明亮而耀眼的星! 原创 Js逆向教程Hook基础 Hook就是在这些流程任意环节插入自己的代码,让浏览器先执行自己的代码 然后再执行原本网站的hook在以下流程中可以做的事情:hook在以下流程中可以做的事情上下文:表示一个环境(js上下文就是v8引擎,浏览器是不同的页签就是不同的上下文,js中的eval还是在一个上下文。只是虚拟机、)作用域:控制变量所生效的位置。作用域是更小的一个级别 处于上下文中结果如下:解释器是如何处理这段代码:首先解释器知道var xuhss在内存中声明了一个全局变量数组保存了xuhss,以后用的话,就到这个数组中找。如果数 php请求 原创 Js逆向教程websocket介绍 Ws和Wss的区别相当于http和https的区别,如果你想写一个聊天页面,需要频繁请求后台接口 还需要设置间隔时间(每隔1s发送一个请求) 才能拿到后台服务器的数据,因为http是轮询方式,只有请求完成后,才能拿到结果,只有客户端能发请求,所以说 要轮询。缺点就是占用服务器的性能?更好的方案就是websocket,它是浏览器实现的。浏览器在底层升级http协议,从http协议升级到websocket只需要添加几个头部信息就可以完成升级。 1.

原创 Js逆向教程极验滑块 实现加密算法的逻辑 还是和上节课一样,针对这个网址。 原创 Js逆向教程极验滑块 找到w加密位置 最后的最后由本人水平所限,难免有错误以及不足之处, 屏幕前的靓仔靓女们 如有发现,恳请指出!你轻轻地点了个赞,那将在我的心里世界增添一颗明亮而耀眼的星! 原创 Js逆向教程滑块流程 极验 HTML5 的 canvas 元素使用 JavaScript 在网页上绘制图像。画布是一个矩形区域,您可以控制其每一像素。就是位图操作,可以理解为一个画图工具。可以任意对每个像素点进行任意操作之前讲解有一种断点类型叫做 事件监听断点,里面可以对canvas进行监听CanvasCreate canvas context 创建事件都选创建事件断点后,再刷页面断在这个地方:这里的代码用了流程平坦化打乱了最后的最后。 原创 Js逆向教程反调试 将你的预期值和实际值进行比较,如果不一样,就是这种debugger 只能通过浏览器调用的堆栈区分出正确的逻辑。通过将editbreakpoint设置为false 可以禁用这个调试。通过hook方式,将运行的函数设为空就可以跳过debugger了。最好的方式就是不要被识别出来调试,可以通过下hook解决。非虚拟机的方式不会跳转 到一个vm的页面。在eval里面运行debugger.

原创 Js逆向教程FuckJs 我们的目的为了让js代码运行起来。可以不需要解密,将代码扣出来运行就可以。任何一个js类型的变量结果 加上一个字符串 ,只会变成字符串。所以这个调试起来很麻烦 只能单步调试 还是用解密工具解密。通过这种特性 可以组合成各种各样的加密方式。这个的原理就是将各种字符串加起来。2个值通过 运算会变成0或者1.

jsfuck有对应的解密工具及。我们这里只是讲解js的混淆机制。可以看到只有这3种字符。 原创 Js逆向教程常见混淆AA和JJ js默认 支持Unicode的。所以支持所有的国家语种。有没有哪些国家的和O很像但不是O,和0很像但不是0,和p很像但不是p所以可以用这个相近的符号进行代码混淆。 原创 Js逆向教程常见代码混淆 最后的最后由本人水平所限,难免有错误以及不足之处, 屏幕前的靓仔靓女们 如有发现,恳请指出!你轻轻地点了个赞,那将在我的心里世界增添一颗明亮而耀眼的星! 原创 Js逆向教程常见的加密方式 最后的最后由本人水平所限,难免有错误以及不足之处, 屏幕前的靓仔靓女们 如有发现,恳请指出!你轻轻地点了个赞,那将在我的心里世界增添一颗明亮而耀眼的星! 原创 Js逆向教程跟值技巧 一般不会出现在jquery成熟的第3仓库里面。jquery是封装好的成熟的第3仓库,一般不会去修改它。因为如果jquery版本提升了,还要去改jquery。 原创 Js逆向教程方法栈 最后的最后由本人水平所限,难免有错误以及不足之处, 屏幕前的靓仔靓女们 如有发现,恳请指出!你轻轻地点了个赞,那将在我的心里世界增添一颗明亮而耀眼的星! 原创 Js逆向教程js逆向断点的种类及介绍 能修改输出js运行当中的一些变量的值能下断点批量监听一些变量值当渲染时,样式发生改变,会触发DOM断点它一般在 用户触发了某个事件 时,段下来。执行的比较考前,距离加密函数比较远。所以无法根据栈去快速定位。它的优点时定位的比较准。清空Dom断点最后的最后由本人水平所限,难免有错误以及不足之处, 屏幕前的靓仔靓女们 如有发现,恳请指出!你轻轻地点了个赞,那将在我的心里世界增添一颗明亮而耀眼的星! 原创 Js逆向教程明确js逆向的目标 通过本地运行js代码那 实现脱离浏览器后 能够实现和浏览器上运行加密js的效果。网站上完全都是JavaScript实现的加密,我们的目的要知道加密的整个过程,并且实现这个加密的过程,拿到和浏览器一样的加密的结果。得到加密的结果之后就可以跳过浏览器,本地直接给服务器发送加密数据,从而直接获取服务器响应的结果。 With the image signal processor of M1 for drastically improved performance.

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aria2 is a utility for downloading files. The supported protocols are HTTP S , FTP, SFTP, BitTorrent, and Metalink. Using Metalink chunk checksums, aria2 automatically validates chunks of data while downloading a file. Most FTP related options are applicable to SFTP as well. Some options are not effective against SFTP e. Downloads the URIs listed in FILE. You can specify multiple sources for a single entity by putting multiple URIs on a single line separated by the TAB character.

Additionally, options can be specified after each URI line. Option lines must start with one or more white space characters SPACE or TAB and must only contain one option per line. Input files can use gzip compression. When FILE is specified as - , aria2 will read the input from stdin. See the Input File subsection for details. See also the --deferred-input option. See also the --save-session option.

The file name of the log file. If - is specified, log is written to stdout. If empty string "" is specified, or this option is omitted, no log is written to disk at all.

Set the maximum number of parallel downloads for every queue item. See also the --split option. Default: 5. Imagine that you have an input file see --input-file option like this:. Here is 2 download items. aria2 can download these items concurrently if the value more than or equal 2 is given to --max-concurrent-downloads. Check file integrity by validating piece hashes or a hash of entire file.

If piece hashes are provided, this option can detect damaged portions of a file and re-download them. If a hash of entire file is provided, hash check is only done when file has been already download. This is determined by file length. If hash check fails, file is re-downloaded from scratch. If both piece hashes and a hash of entire file are provided, only piece hashes are used. Default: false. Continue downloading a partially downloaded file.

Use this option to resume a download started by a web browser or another program which downloads files sequentially from the beginning. The help messages are classified with tags. A tag starts with. If non-tag word is given, print the usage for the options whose name includes that word. Available Values: basic , advanced , http , https , ftp , metalink , bittorrent , cookie , hook , file , rpc , checksum , experimental , deprecated , help , all Default: basic.

Use a proxy server for all protocols. To override a previously defined proxy, use "". You also can override this setting and specify a proxy server for a particular protocol using --http-proxy , --https-proxy and --ftp-proxy options.

This affects all downloads. If user and password are embedded in proxy URI and they are also specified by --{http,https,ftp,all}-proxy-{user,passwd} options, those specified later override prior options.

Set password for --all-proxy option. Set user for --all-proxy option. Set checksum. TYPE is hash type. The supported hash type is listed in Hash Algorithms in aria2c -v. DIGEST is hex digest. After the connection is established, this option makes no effect and --timeout option is used instead.

Default: If true is given, aria2 just checks whether the remote file is available and doesn't download data. BitTorrent downloads are canceled if true is specified. Close connection if download speed is lower than or equal to this value bytes per sec. This option does not affect BitTorrent downloads. Default: 0. The maximum number of connections to one server for each download. Default: 1. Specify 0 to disable this option. The number of retry attempt is counted toward --max-tries , so it should be configured too.

Set number of tries. See also --retry-wait. For example, let's consider downloading 20MiB file. Possible Values: 1M - M Default: 20M. Specify the path to the netrc file. netrc file is only read at the startup if --no-netrc is false. So if --no-netrc is true at the startup, no netrc is available throughout the session. Specify a comma separated list of host names, domains and network addresses with or without a subnet mask where no proxy should be used.

For network addresses with a subnet mask, both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses work. The current implementation does not resolve the host name in an URI to compare network addresses specified in --no-proxy. So it is only effective if URI has numeric IP addresses. The file name of the downloaded file. It is always relative to the directory given in --dir option. When the --force-sequential option is used, this option is ignored.

You cannot specify a file name for Metalink or BitTorrent downloads. The file name specified here is only used when the URIs fed to aria2 are given on the command line directly, but not when using --input-file , --force-sequential option. Set the method to use in proxy request. METHOD is either get or tunnel.

HTTPS downloads always use tunnel regardless of this option. Default: get. Reuse already used URIs if no unused URIs are left. Default: true. Set the seconds to wait between retries. Specify the file name to which performance profile of the servers is saved. You can load saved data using --server-stat-if option. See Server Performance Profile subsection below for file format.

Specify the file name to load performance profile of the servers. The loaded data will be used in some URI selector such as feedback. See also --uri-selector option. Specifies timeout in seconds to invalidate performance profile of the servers since the last contact to them. Default: 24hours. Download a file using N connections. If more than N URIs are given, first N URIs are used and remaining URIs are used for backup.

If less than N URIs are given, those URIs are used more than once so that N connections total are made simultaneously. The number of connections to the same host is restricted by the --max-connection-per-server option. See also the --min-split-size option. Some Metalinks regulate the number of servers to connect. aria2 strictly respects them. This means that if Metalink defines the maxconnections attribute lower than N, then aria2 uses the value of this lower value instead of N.

Piece means fixed length segment which is downloaded in parallel in segmented download. If default is given, aria2 selects piece so that it reduces the number of establishing connection.

Compose specification,Accessories

Web05/12/ · A container image represents binary data that encapsulates an application and all its software dependencies. Container images are executable software bundles that can run standalone and that make very well defined assumptions about their runtime environment. You typically create a container image of your application and push it to a WebAvid empowers media creators with innovative technology and collaborative tools to entertain, inform, educate and enlighten the world WebTo post data purely binary, you should instead use the --data-binary option. To URL-encode the value of a form field you may use --data-urlencode. If any of these options is used more than once on the same command line, the data pieces specified will be merged with a separating &-symbol WebPresidential politics and political news from News about political parties, political campaigns, world and international politics, politics news headlines plus in-depth features and WebIt is strongly recommended to set secret authorization token using --rpc-secret option. See also --rpc-listen-port option. Default: is a key to manage each download. Each download will be assigned a unique GID. The GID is stored as bit binary value in aria2. For RPC access, it is represented as a hex string of 16 characters (e.g WebThe Business Journals features local business news from plus cities across the nation. We also provide tools to help businesses grow, network and hire ... read more

See --keep-unfinished-download-result option. options is a struct. For example, when aria2 downloads a Metalink file, it generates downloads described in the Metalink see the --follow-metalink option. Send HTTP authorization header only when it is requested by the server. If it is not used, all files are assumed to be selected.

See --max-resume-failure-tries option. Stop application after SEC seconds has passed. Available Values: basicadvancedhttphttps secret of binary option, ftpmetalinkbittorrentsecret of binary option, cookiehookfilerpcchecksumexperimentaldeprecatedhelpall Default: basic. Compose implementations without build support MUST fail when image is missing from the Compose file. In Docker, the auths keys can only specify root URLs, whereas Kubernetes allows glob URLs as well as prefix-matched paths. exe工具 1、打开 openssl.